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Shivangi Modi is a dynamic business supplier of Magento expansions, Magento programming, SEO, frontend programming, custom module development, custom programming, product upload in magento, theming, custom theme development, theme design and other Magento and WordPress services. He provides formats and custom Magento improvement supervisions with an extensive arrangement of best-in-class answers for eCommerce organizations.

His group of exceptionally talented programming experts are having the broad skill in eCommerce sector to help web store proprietors support their incomes utilizing front line advancements.

“We are dedicated to beat expectations at satisfying the eCommerce needs of our customers by giving innovative services to change their online stores into maximum profit generators”


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Our well reputation, persistent client inputs and feedbacks, combined with our own broad research and development team, add to making our product arrangements powerful, adjusted, and promising. Our profound skill in creating top-class programming answers for Magento permitted Shiva Modi to become the market leader in the Magento and wordpress services provider.

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What we do

If you are in the eCommerce business, or plan to start one, you will confront numerous difficulties, for example, designing store format, overseeing client experience, rare deals transformations, key client encouragements, and some more. Shivangi Modi will give you the basic, yet intense, answers for guarantee that your eCommerce business is designed for achievement.

Shivangi Modi works in Magento – the world’s quickest developing open-source eCommerce platform. We concentrate on creating alluring results and highlight rich expansions for the stage that enable eCommerce organizations to augment the capability of their sites.

When you purchase any of our Magento expansions or services or connect with us for a custom programming improvement activity, we promise that you get worth included items, components and usefulness, created in light of a careful comprehension of client necessities that help conquer all difficulties your eCommerce business confronts day by day

Enhanced deals and consumer loyalty

World-class items and services

Online help and customer support

Shivangi Modi offers Magento plugins and modules to help you handle an extensive variety of business assignments effectively and productively, enhance the usefulness of your store, develop your bits of knowledge into the business stream, and in the end to better fulfill your customers’ requirements.

You get full 10 hours of magento programming from one of the best programmers in business.
Magento 1.x or 2.x Development
10 hr
Android App Development
10 hr
Wordpress Development
10 hr
iOS App Development
10 hr












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Shivangi Modi’s main goal is to help customers maximize their Magento creation. He utilizes demonstrated strategies and methods to dissect your site and after that convey productive proposals and activity arranges that will empower you to utilize the broad abilities of Magento further boosting your good fortune.


Wondering, What Special can Shivangi Modi provide you?
Whether you are a Magento Solution Partner or trader, put our ability and best practices to work for you. Utilizing direct access to Magento item and innovation improvement groups and drawing on experience from several effective Magento executions, the Magento specialists are interestingly equipped to give you the direction expected to approve your outline, advancement and organization choices. Distinguishing between the architecture and code utilization, give guidance on custom application organizations and recognize execution of plan.

Shivangi Modi is extravaluable if you decide to get help from him at the starting point of your business, he can create success for you, choose him, decrease your risks and go for the success.

Experts with Shivangi Modi are directed towards a careful audit of options and give you a reasonable list of improvements.You will be bound to say that “The outcomes were extraordinary, the procedure was extremely smooth and easy”

Goal of Shivangi Modi is to “Help customers maximizing their businesses with use of Magento and WordPress Services he provides”

“Providing the best in market and most innovative Magento and WordPress services with no match ever”


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